Last Updated: June 29/2015

Solder-free or Solderless Roomba Repair Kit(IR Bump Sensor Fix)

The Solder-Free Roomba Repair Kit was designed to be used by anyone, regardless of previous technical knowledge and skill. By removing the need for soldering, we've allowed the average Roomba owner to be able to do the fix themself. This Roomba repair solution has had great success and we've received excellent response and feedback from customers. Many have commented on how easy the kit made the repair, while there were some that surprised themselves that they were able to perform the fix themselves. We at EESolutions are proud to be able to help customers fix their broken Roombas.

This kit includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to go about fixing your Roomba. It also includes 3 IR Transmitter components to help you with the process. This is enough to fix one Roomba Unit. We included an extra transmitter in case a mistake is made. The kit also includes a specially formulated conductive paste which will substitute for the solder. This kit will work on all 5xx Series Roomba units.

Do-It-Yourself Roomba Repair Kits Available

*** International Shipping Available ***
9-Beeps Error Repair Kit

"Solder-free" Roomba Repair Kit

* Step-by-step instructions on how to repair your Roomba
* Components required to complete your repair.
* (This will fix your left and right bump sensor)
* Special Conductive Paste
* Soldering iron NOT required.

$32.50 USD ( +$5.00 shipping)

**Please note that personal repair of your Roomba may void any warranties you may have. Also we are not responsible for any damage that may be caused during the repair of your Roomba.**

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