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Is your Roomba Broken? Is your Roomba not working properly and you want to know how to fix it?

Where iRobot support stops, we begin. In the past three years, we've been involved in fixing over 2500 Roombas worldwide suffering from the 9 Beep error and have helped many others with their other Roomba issues. We pride ourselves on doing all that we can to help you get your broken Roomba fixed and back to work. We know what it's like to have a broken Roomba, so that's why we are eager to help.

In terms of the 9 Beep Error, we offer technical support and two options to help you with your repair efforts. Both methods work. Our regular repair kit requires you to own a soldering iron. If you can follow instructions and perform basic soldering, then you can probably fix your Roomba yourself. If you prefer not to solder or do not have access to a soldering iron, then we recommend you buy our solder-less repair kit. This kit has a different set of easy to follow steps in addition to conductive paste which will substitute for soldering. Both kits work and we are proud to say that we have over a 95% success rate. We are the best solution for your broken Roomba.


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Our 9 Beep Error Fix will work for the following 500 Series iRobot Roombas as well as the 600 and 700 series too.

  • Roomba 510
  • Roomba 530
  • Roomba 532 (similar to a 530, with enhanced components for pets)
  • Roomba 535 (HSN Version)
  • Roomba 550 (Costco Version, 540 Costco Canada Version)
  • Roomba 560
  • Roomba 562/564 (like a 560, with enhanced components for pets)
  • Roomba 570/571
  • Roomba 572 (like a 570, with enhanced components for pets, 572 Costco Canada Version)
  • Roomba 580/581 (580 released in August 2007)
  • Roomba 610 (Roomba PRO)

So what is the 9 Beep error?

All iRobot 500/600/700 series Roombas will eventually succumb to the 9 Beep error. All Roombas have bump sensors in them which have an emitter component in them. An emitter is a very small sized light bulb. Pretty much if the bump sensor can see the light bulb that means it still has room to move forward. When your Roomba bumps into something, an arm swings and covers up the emitter. For that half second, the Roomba can't see the emitter and realizes that there is something in front of it. The Roomba will then backup and try a different route. The 9 Beep error happens when this emitter/light bulb burns out. The light bulb is always out, so the Roomba always thinks there is something in front of it. This is why you see the backwards movement and weird spinning.

How do you fix your broken Roomba? How do you fix the 9 Beep error?

So now that you know what is causing your Roomba to be broken, how do you fix it? This is where we step in. We offer different options to help you out. Our easy to follow step-by-step guide will show you how to replace the emitter component in your broken Roomba. Our repair kits also include the required components to complete the fix, to make the repair process as easy as possible. We want you to feel confident that your Roomba will be fixed and working in no time.

For more details about why your Roomba is not working and the 9 Beep error click here.

Here is a youtube video of the "9 Beep Error" aka "Circle Dance" aka IR Bump Sensor Error. If you're unit is experiencing similiar symptons, please take a look at our Roomba Repair Kit .

Customer Feedback:

"I received your kit the other day and performed the surgery the following day. Result: It was like doing a heart transplant on a robot. Works again as it did when brand new"
From J.L. in MO USA

"Thanks for offering this repair kit. Received it in Toronto 4 days after ordering it. I just spent about 2 hours replacing the components and I now have my Roomba back in working order buzzing around my feet as I type.
I was ready to write-off the unit after trying various solutions on the web when I happened to stumble upon your website. Good step by step instructions.. Thanks again for saving me $300 and to help reduce e-waste."
From R.L. in Toronto, Canada

"I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for the repair kit. When my Roomba started having the 'circle dance' issue, I was really sad about the prospect of having to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new one, since this is supposedly an impossible problem. When I happened upon your site, I figured it couldn't hurt to try the kit. I'm not the most dexterous person, but I can follow instructions, and I even managed to avoid glueing my fingers together. Actually, I thought the instructions were quite clear and easy to follow. The pictures were also extremely helpful. Aside from having a hard time getting the case off without breaking it, everything was straightforward and very simple. Plus, you saved me a lot of money! Thanks again for putting the kit together!"
From J.C. in London, England

"Thanks so much for the prompt service and easy instructions on how to bring my dance of death robot back to life. I was skeptical that I could do this repair...especially after Irobot said it was unfixable and could not locate anywhere to send it. Your solderless kit worked wonders, only took a couple of hours to follow the directions and get it back together!"
From S.P. in Bangkok, Thailand

We offer the most effective and affordable do-it-yourself solution to the 9 Beep Error.

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