Last Updated: June 29/2015

About was formed in 2011 and is here to help provide a solution to the dreaded 9-Beep/Circle-dance/IR Bump Sensor Error. We are composed of two engineers whose backgrounds are in Electronics and Computers.

We first started out as skeptics of the iRobot Vacuums. Then we quickly became fans of the innovative product. Our particular test vacuum has been with us for 3 years now. It worked perfectly until it developed or suffered the 9-Beep error. After the problem began, we thought there would be some available solution out there or at least one that iRobot had or recommended. To our surprise, there was nothing readily available. After countless hours of searching the internet for a solution, we decided to try to fix the unit on our own. After researching about possible causes and different proposed solutions, we tested out different procedures on our unit. We then found other local units with the 9-beep error and perfected our procedure.

We now offer this repair kit for you or anyone experiencing the 9-beep error. We also provide it at a reasonable price, which was one of our biggest concerns initially. We are not here to become millionaires, we want to help build the Roomba community and maybe make a little extra money doing it. We understand the frustrations of having a broken Roomba and the 9-Beep error is one of the biggest problems with the 500 series robot. We want Roomba owners to be confident that their Roombas will be able to be repaired at a reasonable price. We believe that every household should have a Roomba.

How did we get started? And Why?

Much like other early adopters of Roombas, I purchased a Roomba out of curiousity, out of hope that this will reduce my cleaning time, because it seemed like a cool idea, but mostly because it was well - A ROBOT VACUUM! During the period I purchased my Roomba, they were selling for around $500 or more. So in my mind I was thinking that this thing better work.

Much to my pleasure and surprise it worked, and it worked great. It was my personal house keeper, one of the more dependable gadgets that I could rely on to do its job. It worked great for two years and then all of a sudden started doing this weird thing. It just went in circles, backwards and would just stop and beep 9 times. Stumped, iRobot was no help, I cleaned it, checked the wheels did all that I could to the point that I was considering throwing my beloved cleaning buddy out.

Well, I searched online and found different theories. Spray some air in this place, clean the dirt on some sensors, wheel issues, bump sensor issues. I tried different techniques that were posted online and nothing worked. I thought about it and thought that I would do some research on the bump sensor and how it worked. I called iRobot again to see if I can get more information and again they were not very helpful. I then found a diagram of the Roomba and found how to access the bump sensors. I found out which component was faulty and replaced it. Not expecting much, I reassembled the Roomba and press the button. And boom, it worked. I didn't believe it at first but after 2 or 3 uses, I accepted the idea that my Roomba was fixed.

I was still not completely convinced that this was how the Roomba was fixed, so I put up an advertising locally to see if any other Roombas needed repair. About a week later, I was fixing some strangers Roomba using my bump sensor fix method. It worked again. After several more local repairs, I came up with a set method of repair. I hope you enjoyed my story.

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